Chevrolet Performance ZZ502/502 Deluxe Crate Motor

The Chevrolet Performance ZZ502/502 Deluxe Crate Motor is one of the most popular Big-Block crate engine for street and strip. It is a benchmark crate motor for the industry and offers an excellent value with a proven combination of performance features. Its 508 horsepower and 580 lb.-ft. of torque demand your full attention, and it has a chassis strong enough to mobilize its frame-straining power.

Chevrolet Performance ZZ502/502 Deluxe Crate Motor
Chevrolet Performance ZZ502/502 Deluxe Crate Motor

Its factory-engineered and tested components include high-flow aluminum oval-port cylinder heads with 2.25/1.88-inch valves and a hydraulic roller camshaft designed to support low-rpm torque production. This torque monster tops the 500 lb.-ft. mark by approximately 2,500 rpm and doesn’t dip below it until about 5,000 rpm. It also features a latest-generation block casting with four-bolt main caps and an all-forged rotating assembly for exceptional strength and durability.

Chevrolet Performance makes extensive use of aluminum to keep weight down, including aluminum heads, water pump, intake, and valve covers. In addition, the ZZ502/502 is chock full of heavy-duty parts – forged aluminum pistons, forged steel crankshaft, forged shot-peened
steel connecting rods with 7/16 in. bolts, stainless steel valves, and a 14 in. automatic transmission flexplate to name a few. And don’t forget the 4-bolt main block with one-piece rear main seal. Solid components like this ensure the durability and power of your ZZ502/502 engine.

The ZZ505/502 Deluxe package comes complete from the oil pan to the carburetor, including an HEI distributor, plug wires, starter, water pump, balancer, and an aluminum intake topped with a Holley 870-cfm four-barrel carburetor.

This is as close as you can get to a custom-built ZZ502 at a crate engine price.

Chevy Performance has taken care of the engine’s details. Now it’s up to you to make sure your car can handle the ZZ502/502. Visit Karl Chevrolet to see the ZZ502/502 Deluxe and many other crate motors in stock.