Chevrolet Performance $250 Sealed Crate Engine Rebate

Now through 2/28/2018 Chevrolet Performance is offering a $250 Sealed Crate Engine Rebate (prepaid debit card) on their line-up of sealed crate engines, including the CT350, CT400, CT525 and DR525.

As every racer knows, one race does not a season make. Chevrolet Performance Circle Track crate engines are affordable, powerful and durable. Up to the challenge week after week, race after race. They are built with brand-new parts, meaning you may spend less time under the hood and more time behind the wheel. That’s where you want to be, right?

The durable CT350 (P/N 19258602) is the engine budget-conscious racers can depend on for competitive performance and low maintenance. At 350 hp, it is a perfect fit for a large number of short track racers. The CT350 is based on the popular 350 HO high-performance street crate engine and features a strong four-bolt-main block, iron Vortec cylinders heads and a unique dual-pattern camshaft.

The CT400 (P/N 19318604) racing crate engine features Fast Burn cylinder heads with LS-style beehive valve springs that enable great high-revving performance and durability. The CT400 also has a tough bottom end, anchored by a forged steel crankshaft and strong aluminum pistons installed in a brand-new block with four-bolt mains.

The deep-breathing, high-revving CT525 (P/N 19331563) 6.2L crate engine is based on the LS engine family and delivers serious power for serious racing series, including Super Late Model and modifieds. Based on the 6.2L LS3, it’s been adapted to circle track racing with a carbureted intake manifold, a high-lift roller camshaft, 6-quart racing oil pan and more.

The big power DR525 signals an important advancement for drag racing, enabling exciting heads-up racing at a lower cost than custom-built engines. It is offered with two part numbers: 19329009 includes a Chevrolet Performance muscle car oil pan and 19329008 includes their 4th generation F-body oil pan.

Act right now to get in on the $250 Sealed Crate Engine Rebate mail-in rebate (prepaid debit card) on CT350, CT400, CT525 and DR525 engines from Karl Performance. Offer is good through 2/28/2018. Click here for a Sealed Engine Rebate form and take advantage of this limited time opportunity from Chevrolet Performance.

$200 Rebate on LS7 Performance Crate Engines

Inside its classic 427-cu.-in. displacement, Chevy Performance engineers extracted big-block  rumble from its high-revving small-block package. It features a unique big-bore cylinder block that is anchored with a forged crankshaft, featherweight titanium connecting rods, and friction-coated pistons. But it’s the airflow capability of the cavernous CNC-ported heads that enables  its colossal power.$200 Rebate on LS7 Performance Crate Engines

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Chevrolet Performance ZZ502/502 Deluxe Crate Motor

The Chevrolet Performance ZZ502/502 Deluxe Crate Motor is one of the most popular Big-Block crate engine for street and strip. It is a benchmark crate motor for the industry and offers an excellent value with a proven combination of performance features. Its 508 horsepower and 580 lb.-ft. of torque demand your full attention, and it has a chassis strong enough to mobilize its frame-straining power.

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Chevrolet SP383 Performance Crate Motor

For decades, Chevrolet has channeled the technology and experience from racing on road courses, ovals, and drag strips into high-performance crate engines with engineering no aftermarket manufacturer can match.  The Street Performance (SP) line of engines offers great power at a great value, and Chevrolet SP383 Performance Crate Motor Deluxe is more powerful than ever.  Power-focused engineers continue to refine the classic Chevy V8 for even greater performance and this stroked Small Block is their latest triumph.

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Chevrolet Performance Connect and Cruise Rebates

Chevrolet Performance pioneered the performance crate engine and continues to innovate with Connect & Cruise Crate Powertrain Systems. With Chevrolet Performance Connect and Cruise Rebates on factory-matched engine and transmissions, Chevrolet has raised the bar and continues to innovate with Connect & Cruise Crate Powertrain Systems. In addition, Chevrolet has expanded the factory matched engine and transmission combinations that save time and guesswork.

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